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  • City of Pinole Business License
    All persons conducting a business in Pinole are required to have a City of Pinole business license.

  • Alcoholic Beverage License
    If you want to sell alcoholic beverages from your business, you must obtain an Alcoholic Beverage License. The type of license needed will depend if you sell for on site or off site consumption/use.
    State of California, Department of Alcohol Beverage Control
    Local Office: 7677 Oakport Street #1020, Oakland, CA 94621, (510) 639-0628

  • Contractor's State License Board
    1515 Clay Street, Suite 1105 (Oakland)
    (510) 622-2744
    (800) 321-2752

  • Fictitious Business Name Statement
    If you will conduct business under a name other than your legal name, you will need to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the County Clerks Office.
    County Clerks Office
    555 Escobar Street
    P.O. Box 350
    (925) 335-7900

  • Fire Inspections (Pinole Fire Department)
    A fire inspection is required at the business location.
    Call (510) 724-8975 for more information or refer to the Fire Prevention section of this website.

  • Health Permit
    A health permit is required for businesses that dispense food to the public. A permit is needed before opening or issuance of a business license.
    County Health Department
    2120 Diamond Blvd, Suite 200, Concord, CA 94520
    (925) 646-5225

  • Sales & Use/Seller's Permit
    If you sell tangible property in California, you must apply for a Seller's Permit.
    Board of Equalization
    2101 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94612
    (800) 400-7115 or (510) 622-4100
    Fax: (510) 622-4175

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  • City of Pinole Building Division
    Information on Building Permits and Inspections. Building permits are required for both new construction and most remodeling projects.

  • City of Pinole Housing Division
    Information on the City's Residential Rehabilitation Program
  • City of Pinole Planning Division
    Information on Zoning, the City's General Plan, Development Applications, Subdivisions, the Design Review Process and Use Permits.

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  • Federal Income Tax (IRS)
    Information on employee witholdings, self-employment tax, sole proprietorship, partnership and corporate taxes.
    (800) 829-1040

  • State Income Tax/Corporate Income Tax (Franchise Tax Board)
    Every business in the State of California is required to submit an annual tax statement to the Franchise Tax Board.
    1970 Broadway Street, Oakland, CA
    (800) 852-5711

  • County Tax Collector's Office
    625 Court Street, Suite 100, Martinez, CA 94553
    (925) 646-4230

  • Small Business Workshops (Free)
    Internal Revenue Service
    Taxpayer Education
    1301 Clay Street, Suite 1520 - South Tower, Oakland, CA 94612
    (510) 637-2473

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