Pinole's Successor Agency

Successor Agency

On July 27, 2011, the State enacted ABx1 26 suspending redevelopment agencies throughout California requiring and allowing them to take certain actions.  In keeping with Section 34169 of California Redevelopment Law, the Pinole Redevelopment Agency (Agency) was required to adopt an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule (EOPS) within the meaning of Section 34167(d).  At its regular meeting on August 24, 2011, the Agency adopted its EOPS as part of Resolution No. 19-2011.

Listed below is the Pinole Redevelopment Agency Enforceable Obligations Payment Schedule (EOPS).

The Successor Agency to the Pinole Redevelopment Agency annual Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS) are located below.


Date Agenda/Notice
 2/2/2024  ROPS July-June 2025
 01/23/2023  ROPS July-June 2024
 01/24/2022 ROPS July-June 2023
 01/25/2021 ROPS July-June 2022
01/27/2020 ROPS July-June 2021
01/28/2019  ROPS July-June 2020
01/17/2018 ROPS July-June 2019
01/18/2017 ROPS July-June 2018
01/27/2016 ROPS July-June 2017
09/02/2015 ROPS Jan-June 2016
02/04/2015 ROPS July-Dec 2015
09/03/2014 ROPS Jan-June 2015
02/05/2014 ROPS July-Dec 2014
09/19/2013 ROPS Jan-June 2014
02/27/2013 ROPS July-Dec 2013
08/27/2012 ROPS Jan-June 2013
05/04/2012 ROPS July-Dec 2012
04/05/2012 ROPS Jan-June 2012

Effective July 1, 2018, 17 Oversight Boards expired and only one oversight board in Contra Costa County was established. The purpose of this County Oversight Board is to oversee all redevelopment successor agencies in the County. The new oversight board is staffed by the Contra Costa County Department of Conservation (DCD).  You can link to the County Oversight board from here:

Oversight Board Agendas and Minutes of meetings for the former Successor Agency Oversight Board are located here. 


Meeting Date Agenda/Notice Draft Minutes  
01/17/2018 Agenda  
01/18/2017 Agenda  
05/04/2016 Agenda Minutes  
01/27/2016 Agenda Minutes  
11/04/2015 Agenda Only - Final Agenda Packet Minutes  
09/02/2015 Agenda Minutes  
08/05/2015 Cancellation Notice  
06/24/2015 Agenda Minutes  
05/06/2015 Agenda Minutes  
02/04/2015 Agenda Minutes  
10/01/2014 Agenda Minutes  
10/01/2014 Notice-LRPMP  
09/03/2014 Agenda Minutes  
08/06/2014 Cancellation Notice  
02/05/2014 Agenda Min-02-05-2014  
12/04/2013 Agenda Min-12-04-2013  
11/06/2013 Cancellation Notice  
09/18/2013 Agenda Packet Min-09-18-2013  
06/05/2013 Cancellation Notice  
o5/01/2013 Agenda  
04/03/2013 Agenda Min-04/03/2013  
02/27/2013 Agenda Min-10/03/2012; Min 2/27  
12/05/2012 Cancellation Notice  
11/07/2012 Cancellation Notice  
10/03/2012 Agenda Min-08/01/2012  
08/01/2012 Agenda Min-05/02/2012  
06/06/2012 Cancellation Notice  
05/02/2012 Agenda Min-04/04/2012  
04/04/2012 Agenda  

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