Pinole's Design Review

Design Review


New buildings and modifications to existing buildings should refer to the following design guidelines

For residential and mixed-use projects:

For projects within the Old Town area (see Map 1 on page 3):
For projects located within the Three Corridors Specific Plan area


Administrative design review is required for all structural additions to single family, multi-family and non-residential structures. Additions for multi-family and non- residential structures that are five hundred (500) square feet or larger require comprehensive design review. Furthermore, all new single family homes shall require comprehensive design review. Issues related to fire and public works compliance are addressed during the plan check process. Issues related to Building Code compliance are addressed at time of building permit issuance.

The Community Development Director considers Administrative Design Review applications.


A comprehensive design review permit is required for the following items:
1.   New single-family and multi-family residential development;
2.   New non-residential development (e.g., commercial, office, industrial, public/quasi-public);
3.   Additions to existing multi-family and non-residential structures equal to or greater than 500 square feet; and
4.   Any item not listed in Section 17.12.150(C), for which the Community Development Director determines that a comprehensive design review permit is required.

The Planning Commission considers Comprehensive Design Review applications.