Pinole's Animal Control Services

Animal Control Services

Animal Control Services

The City of Pinole has entered into an agreement with the Contra Costa County Animal Service Department for animal control and sheltering services.  Additionally, the City of Pinole has adopted the Contra Costa County's Animal Control Ordinance in its entirety by reference.  As such, the provisions of the ordinance are enforced by the CCC Animal Services Department.

Contra Costa County Animal Services operates one animal shelter in Martinez. The department offers a variety of services including but not limited to handling of lost and found animals, licensing, adoptions, emergency pet services, and field services such as investigating claims of animal cruelty, picking up injured animals, and impounding stray animals.

The City of Pinole encourages residents to be responsible pet owners. Pet ownership is a privilege and a big commitment.  However, pet ownership can also be rewarding, with pets offering their owners with joy, comfort and love.  Therefore, be ask that you be a responsible pet owner.

For more information on the services offered by the CCC Animal Services Department, visit the County's website or call the numbers below:

Animal issues:
Animal bites (dogs, wild animals, etc.) call (925) 646-2441 Deceased animal Feral cats Illegal hunting/fishing Invasive species Lost/found pet
Mountain lion sightings
Nuisance wildlife 
Noisy animals
Sick or injured animal (domestic or livestock) call (925) 608-8400
Sick or injured coyote
Sick, injured or trapped wildlife (excluding coyotes)

Unwanted or stray animals
County Animal Control, 4800 Imhoff Place, Martinez, 925-646-2441