Pinole's Staff Directory

Staff Directory

 Name Position Department Phone Contact  Languages Spoken
 (other than English)
 Ana Aviles Avila  Administrative Assistant  City Manager  510-724-9837  email  Spanish
 Andrea Dwyer Community Services Director Community Services 510-724-9820 email  
 Anthony Colden  Accounting Specialist  Finance  510-724-9009  email   
 Charlene Davis  Human Resources Analyst  Human Resources  510-724-9006  email  
 Christine Murray  Recreation Coordinator  Community Services  510-724-8965  email  
 Connie Kim  Permit Technician III  Community Development  510-724-9018  email  
 Cristina Ahlstrand  Recreation Coordinator  Community Services  510-724-9004  email  
 David Hanham  Planning Manager  Community Development  510-724-9842  email  
 David Snell  Cable Access Coordinator  Cable  510-741-3862  email  
 Eric Casher  City Attorney  City Attorney  510-808-2000  email  
 Erick Wilson  Cable Access Technician  Cable  510-724-8917  email  
 Fiona Epps  Assistant to the City Manager   City Manager  510-724-9830  email  
 Heather Bell  City Clerk  City Clerk  510-724-8928  email  Spanish
 Jaylan Cambell Recreation Coordinator Community Services 510-724-8913  email  
 Jeremy Crone  Police Lieutenant  Police  510-724-8946  email  
 Joanna Nunes  Permit Technician I  Community Development  510-724-8940  email  
 Joe Bingaman   Public Works Manager  Public Works  510-724-8947  email  
 Jon Roberts  Police Sergeant  Police  510-741-2077  email  
 Joselyn Gutierrez  Human Resources Technician  Human Resources  510-741-2966  email  
 Joshua Binder  Plant Manager  Water Pollution Control Plant  510-724-8963   email  
 Justin Rogers  Police Sergeant  Police  510-724-8944  email  
 Justin Shiu  Planner (Contract)  Community Development  510-724-9035  email  
 Kapil Amin  Sustainability Fellow (Contract)  Community Development    email  
 Keith Marks  Chief Building Official  Community Development  510-724-9016  email  
 Kim Odom  Laboratory Analyst II  Water Pollution Control Plant  510-741-3858  email  
 KJ Madayag  Public Works Specialist  Public Works  510-741-2065  email  
 Kristina Santoyo  Recreation Coordinator  Community Services  510-724-9802  email  
 Lecia Rohrbach  Records Specialist  Police  510-724-8950  email  
 Leticia Andreas  Management Analyst  Public Works  510-724-9010  email  
 Lilly Whalen  Community Development Director  Community Development  510-724-9832  email  
 Linda Segundo  Property Specialist  Police  510-724-8923  email  
 Matt Avery  Police Commander  Police  510-724-8962  email  
 Maria Cabrera  Administrative Assistant  Police  510-724-8955  email  Spanish
 Maria Mata  Accountant  Finance  510-724-9008  email  
 Maria Picazo  Recreation Manager  Community Services  510-724-9062  email  Spanish
 Markisha Guillory  Finance Director  Finance  510-724-9823  email  
 Matt Jones  Maintenance Supervisor  Public Works  510-724-9010 (ext 881)  email  
 Mike Howe  Operations Supervisor  Water Pollution Control Plant  510-724-9013  email  
 Vacant  Capital Improvement &
 Environmental Program Manager
 Public Works  510-724-9839    
 Natasha Valdepena  Community Safety Specialist  Police  510-741-3892  email  
 Nazmieh Huebner  Public Works Specialist  Public Works    email  
 Neil Gang  Interim City Manager  City Manager  510-724-8933  email  
 Olivia Rojo  Administrative Assistant  City Clerk  510-741-3882  email  
 Patrick Bowie  Maintenance Supervisor  Public Works  510-724-9010 (ext 949)  email  
 Rebecca Cheyne  Receptionist  Police  510-724-8950  email  
 Rob Ouellette  Maintenance Supervisor  Public Works  510-724-9010 (ext 066)  email  
 Roxane Stone  Deputy City Clerk  City Clerk  510-724-8937  email  
 Sanjay Mishra  Public Works Director  Public Works  510-724-9010  email  
 Sarrah Patton  Code Enforcement Officer I  Building  510-724-9007  email  
 Stacy Shell  Human Resources Director  Human Resources  510-741-3864  email  

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