Pinole's Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits

Chapter 12.04 of the Pinole Municipal Code has been amended as approved by Council on July 5, 2022.  The new requirements go into effect August 5, 2022.


The City of Pinole has an encroachment permit process to facilitate the issuance of permits for work within the public right-of-way.  An application for permit and permit issuance must occur for any CONSTRUCTION or TRAFFIC CONTROL in the City STREETS or SIDEWALKS prior to commencement of work.  A current State of California contractor’s license (applicable to the scope of work being completed) is required.  A City of Pinole business license is also required.  ENCROACHMENT PERMIT APPLICATIONS SHALL BE REVIEWED, APPROVED AND ISSUED BEFORE CONSTRUCTION MAY BEGIN.

1)  Complete the encroachment permit application (complete all pages and sign where required). 
2)  A certificate of insurance (this should accompany each and every application) listing the City of Pinole as an additional insured (an example of the insurance certificate may be obtained here),
3)  A CA-MUTCD traffic control plan specific to the area of work - be sure the traffic control plan is applicable to the site conditions.
4)  Business license application should you not have a current City of Pinole business license.  Convey to staff whether a quarterly ($78.00), semi-annual ($131.00) or annual ($238.00) license is needed.
5)  A credit card authorization form to pay the required permit and / or business license fee.  A signature is required on this form. 

Email the required items to [email protected].  Include the address in the subject field when submitting.  Allow a minimum of three business days for processing.

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Encroachment Permit Application
Credit Card Authorization
Inspection Codes for Automated Inspection Request Line (510) 724-8914.