Pinole's Trees



The City currently owns a few of the trees in Old Town Pinole as well as those on City-owned traffic medians and in all of the parks. The City tries to maintain and monitor the health and vigor of the trees in order to insure their well being as well as the safety of the public. A portion of these trees are pruned annually and immediate attention is given when the public's safety is an issue. If you see a City tree that is unsafe or damaged, or if you are uncertain whether the tree is the property of the City of Pinole, please call the Public Works Department at (510) 724-9010.

You are required to maintain any trees growing on your own property. If you have a tree that is extending into the sidewalk area, it may become an obstruction or a hazard to pedestrians who use the sidewalk. Therefore, we request that you keep trees in front of your property trimmed to allow a minimum clearance of 7 feet above the sidewalk. We also ask that you allow a minimum clearance of 14 feet above the street. By doing so, the street sweeper will be able to proceed unhindered.  

If you elect to remove a tree on private property, please obtain the required permit from the Planning Department.

If you are trimming or removing trees on your property and the tree is adjacent to or rooted in Pinole Creek a permit may be required from California Department of Fish and Wildlife (707) 266-2878.