Pinole's Single Use Plastic Reduction

Single Use Plastic Reduction

Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic

The City of Pinole is exploring how to reduce single-use plastic consumption in town to get closer to our zero-waste goal. Single-use plastics encompass plastic bags, and plastic foodware like plates and cups and plastic food accessories like straws and utensils. This may impact eating establishment and food businesses as well as businesses that provide plastic bags to customers.


Single-use plastics raise alarming concerns. Our current system of throwing away plastic items after one use is not sustainable by any means. It causes detriment to our health, pollutes the beauty of our planet, floods our landfills, and relies on the unsustainable consumption of non-renewable, natural resources.  Consider this:

  • A trash survey of our beloved Pinole Creek found single-use food packaging as the major pollutant.
  • A 2011 Bay Area litter survey showed that 67% of all trash collected was from take-out food and beverage packaging
  • Microplastics can be found in our bloodstream
  • 85% of plastic ends up in landfill which can leach harmful chemicals into groundwater
  • 561 billion disposable items are used in the United States each year
  • Eating from plastic foodware increases health risks
 Ocean Pollution    

plastic waste 



Replace all single-use plastic bags with reusable or paper bags.

  • Reusable bags should be prioritized  
  • Provide paper bags for sale
    reusable bags

Replace all dine-in/take-out foodware with reusable and compostable foodware.

  • Provide reusable, washable foodware or compostable foodware for dine-in customers
  • Allow customers to bring in their own containers for takeout
  • Package takeout and delivery orders in compostable foodware
Did you know? There are a number of new services that can help businesses with the transition: 
  • App-based services allow customers to check out reusable, washable containers at a restaurant to be returned within 2 weeks via an app
  • Dishwashing services (i.e., a company who picks up dirty dishes and drops off clean dishes) may be able to help businesses with limited dishwashing facilitiesFoodware

How to Get Involved

Take our survey!

Let us know your questions, comments, and concerns on regulation on single-use plastics. Results of this survey will inform development of new regulations. We have two surveys-- one for residents and visitors and another for businesses in the City.

resident survey survey

Attend the Expo!

At this free event see, touch, and test alternatives to single-use plastics! Explore new innovations and technologies in the compostable and reusable foodware space. Take our survey to help inform the next steps of this initiative.

WHEN:   Thursday, April 6, 2023

WHERE:   Drop in 9am-1pm, Pinole Youth Center (635 Tennent Ave.)


More Information

Contact the City of Pinole Community Development Department. Project Lead; Kapil Amin, Sustainability Fellow. [email protected].