Pinole's Garbage & Recycling

Garbage & Recycling

Garbage and Recycling

The City of Pinole strives to provide resources and enforce laws that ensure our beautiful town remains clean and sanitary. We encourage all residents and business owners to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible and to manage garbage (solid waste) responsibly to minimize adverse environmental impact.

Republic Services logoThe City of Pinole Municipal Code requires that all residential and commercial properties use and maintain receptacles for receiving and holding all solid waste produced, created or accumulated on the premises. Pinole also requires property owners to subscribe to and pay for solid waste collection services.

Through an agreement with the City, Republic Services provides all residential and commercial refuse collection services. Republic Services also provides recycling and organic material collection services to residential properties. View a comprehensive recycling guide

You can view all services offered by Republic Services, view your neighborhood's pick-up schedule, and/or contact them to sign up for refuse collection services on their website: 

Collection Franchise Agreement

The City of Pinole has an exclusive franchise agreement with Rcihmond Sanitary Service, a subsidiary of Republic Services for residential and commercial solid waste collection through year 2025. 

Republic Contract (May 15, 2001)
Amendment # 1 (April 1, 2007)
Amendment # 2 (December 16, 2008) 
Amendment # 3 (November 5, 2013)

Post Collection Agreement

The West Contra Costa Integrated Waste Management Authority (RecycleMore) has an exclusive post collection agreement with Richmond Sanitary Service, subsidiary of Republic Services for residential and commercial solid waste collection in West Contra Costa through the year 2025. 

Solid Waste Post Collection Agreement (October 10, 2013)

Environmental Programs
Contra Costa RE:Source Tool
Minimize your environmental footprint and find out where to recycle or safely dispose of different materials using the RE:Source search tool. This tool guides residents and businesses to make informed decisions about what to recycle and lists drop off locations for common waste products such as: automotive byproducts, hazardous waste, batteries, organic waste, bulky items, medical waste, electronic waste (e-waste), glass, plastic, paint, and more. 

The Builders' Guide to Reuse and Recycling
This guide is specifically for contractors and lists the names of businesses that will haul and recycle construction materials: Contra Costa Builders Guide to Reuse & Recycling.pdf

Composting and Gardening
Contra Costa County offers free public workshops and resources about composting through their Composting and Gardening Program. You can also learn more about composting laws and how to get a free compost pail on the City of Pinole's webpage: Recycling and Greenwaste

Single-Use Foodware Accessories and Condiments
Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill (“AB”) 1276 into law on October 5, 2021, which prohibits a food facility or a third-party food delivery platform from providing single-use food accessories, such as cutlery, straws, and condiment packets, to a customer unless requested by the customer. Get familiar with this bill here: AB 1276 California

Disposable Batteries
Do not drop off used disposable batteries at City Hall. Please dispose of batteries and other household hazardous waste products at the West County Drive-Through Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. It is located at 101 Pittsburg Ave in Richmond, CA. For more information please visit our Household Hazardous Waste page. Remember, it is illegal and unsafe to dispose of household hazardous waste in the garbage, sewers, or storm drains.