Pinole's Subdivisions


Proposed subdivision of lots are required to ensure new lots meet current standards.

The requirements for subdivision applications are provided under Title 16 Subdivisions of the Pinole Municipal Code.

Each resulting lot from a proposed subdivision would be required to meet minimum lot sizes for the Zoning District of the existing lot under Chapter 17.24 of the Pinole Municipal Code. A Zoning Map can be found here to assist in identifying the Zoning District.

Applications for proposed subdivisions would use the general Development Application form. 
Subdivisions are categorized as Minor Subdivisions (4 lots or fewer) and Major Subdivisions (5 lots or more).

A Tentative Map is required to show the proposed lot subdivision. Tentative Maps are reviewed and approved through a Public Hearing process with the Planning Commission. 

Following approval of a Tentative Map, a final map needs to be submitted for review and approval.
For Minor Subdivisions, a final parcel map is submitted to the Public Works Department for final review.
For Major Subdivisions, a Final Map shall be submitted for Planning Commission to certify approval and subsequently for City Council to provide final approval.

SB9 LOT SUBDIVISION (option for Single Family Zoning)
Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) is a streamlined, ministerial approval process established for certain housing unit development and lot split projects under Government Code §65852.21 and Government Code §66411.7.

SB 9 is available as an alternative to the general subdivision process to allow for subdivision of one lot into two lots in a single family residential zoning district if it meets the criteria under the California Government Code sections and any objective development standards from the City. Review is conducted at the Staff level. The City of Pinole Planning Division processes requests using SB 9 for initial proposals involving new units and/or lot splits. The Building Division processes building permits in connection with any construction of units; the Public Works Department reviews final parcel maps in connection with any lot splits.

Applications for proposed SB9 projects would use the general Development Application form for Planning Division review. For subsequent review by the Building Division and/or Public Works Department following approval of the SB9 application by the Planning Division, please see the Building Division webpage and Public Works webpage.